・クラスで的確な指導が出来るようになるために、 一つ一つのポーズへの理解を深め、 クラシカルポーズとそのポーズの様々なバリエーションを学ぶ。
・The practice and thorough exploration of over 200 poses, including warm-ups, standing poses, arm balances, back bends, hip openers, thigh stretches, twists, forward folds, seated and supine poses. The goal is to help you deepen your own personal understanding of these asanas and for you to learn how to effectively teach the classical forms and modifications of these poses.

・The use of props for modifying, supporting, and enhancing postures
・Teaching Methodology and Language Skills, including use of the yogahour script to encourage efficiency, clarity, precision in your language
・yogahour Sequencing Strategies
・Verbal and Hands-On Adjustments
・How to craft and integrate a theme into your class
・Teaching ethics and taking the seat of the teacher

・Meditation and Pranayama techniques and approaches for home practice and teaching

・ニャーナヨガ(Jnana Yoga ):バガヴァッド・ギーター、ヨガスートラの読解
・バクティヨガ(Bhakti Yoga):マントラ、キルタン、プジャについて
・カルマ・ヨガ(Karma Yoga):行為のヨガの実践
・Jnana Yoga: the yoga of knowledge, including comparative analysis of yoga texts from classical and tantric perspectives
・Bhakti Yoga: the yoga of devotion, including modules on mantra, kirtan, and puja
・Karma Yoga: the yoga of action and selfless service

・Martin Kirkの指導に基づいた解剖学
・Detailed study and application of anatomy derived from the teachings of Martin Kirk


・The use of props for modifying, supporting, and enhancing postures
・A discussion on lineage and the Guru path
・The Business of Yoga from an individual and studio perspective

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